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CDGS Pitch/Catch Clinic


The 2017 clinic pitchers and catchers of CDGS...

reverse posture, powerline, block the 5-hole!

by posted 03/21/2017
CDGS Information

Image result for field clean up days illustration Come one, come all!

CDGS field days Saturday, April 8th beginning at 9 AM, Lily Lake Fields

Rainout date - Sunday April 9th beginning at 9 AM, Lily Lake Fields

2nd Field Days: Saturday, April 15 th 9AM

As a League, there were many improvements made to our facilities last year.  We added a pavilion and covered dugouts on Field 3.  Some of these projects still need some finishing touches and we have many other projects that still need to get done.  We cannot accomplish our goals without your help.  Let’s have some CDGS pride and make our facilities the best that we can.  We, as board members, have put a lot of time in to making our league and facilities a better place for our daughters to play.  Many others have assisted us.  Let’s continue to grow our league involvement to get the fields and facilities in tip top shape and have some fun socializing with members of our league.  Wear clothing that is appropriate for painting.


J Rehab of Field 2 J Painting fences
J Adding limestone screenings to fields J Steps on field 1
J Putting up sponsor signs J Removing lumber from snack shack
J Installing windscreens J Install 8’ fencing on dugouts for Fields 1 & 3
J General debris clean-up J Clean up batting cage
J Re-setting bases, check Field 1 dims  

Supplies needed from volunteers:

J Shovels, Metal rakes, Yard rakes
J Riding mower, ATV and/or Gator with dump cart
J Sod cutter if anyone has access to one

If anyone has access to the supplies that are bold please contact the field manager ASAP. 

Any questions please contact Dave Barkocy, Field Manager at 847-372-8969 or fieldmanager@cdgs301.com.

Please complete the Google form below regarding your availability so that we may plan accordingly.


Coaches meeting April 8th @ 11AM, Lily Lake

On this day coaches receive their equipment, practice schedules and a quick tutorial on field maintenance, tools, and more.   This is "mandatory" for all head coaches and preferably assistants.

After field days practices begin and games start promptly in about 3 weeks (Major/Junior Division) and 4-5 weeks (Minor Divisions).

Calling all coaches and volunteers
First Aid, CPR, AED training Saturday 4/15

Register Online and open to anyone interested.  See registration for details. 

We would like to have at least one coach certified, 2 preferred, so please attend if you are able.  It is no charge to all head and assistant coaches.  Any other parent/volunteer may attend for a small fee.

Any questions or concerns please contact the CDGS President or Player Agent found in board contacts.

Pitch/Catch clinic: Last clinic this Sunday March 26

Thanks to all the parents and volunteers for making this clinic and all the clinics a success.  It has been a privilege to see the players develop their skills but also as individuals.  

A quick story by coach Matt:

One young player (first year minor B) who was very quiet for all three of our clinics (15 weeks) surprised me. We were conducting some catching drills this past week, and as I went down to grab a ball a soft little voice came out of nowhere. "Hey coach Matt", in which I was surprised she new my name let alone speak, "do you know what I did yesterday?" I asked her, "what did you do?" and she replied, "I snuck a cookie and ate it so fast that my mom did not know I took it, isn't that silly."  Out of the blue, during catching drills she felt comfortable enough with coach Matt to share her little story.  Now maybe she was feeling guilty and had to tell someone (chuckle), but sometimes those are the little things that make it worthwhile! Do consider coaching and volunteering as the only way to learn is by doing.  You have to start somewhere, and after 6 years of coaching I can tell you that I am learning something new every time I interact with the players and my fellow coaches.

by posted 03/19/2017
Become a Sponsor of CDGS

Funding for CDGS is exclusively received through registration fees and the generosity of our corporate and family sponsors. 

Please consider joining CDGS as a sponsor. Details are available here.

Thanks for your support!

by posted 01/19/2016

Central District Girls Softball is a non-profit organization offering the fast pitch softball experience to girls K-18 years old. Without the benefit of a park district, the league operates solely on a volunteer basis.

As coaches and volunteers, it is our responsibility to teach the game of fast pitch softball and the principles of good sportsmanship. Thank you for your participation and for volunteering to coach our girls (and each other).

For more information please visit, littleleague.org and illinoisdistrict13.com.

by posted 10/29/2015
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